About Me

I am Madhusudhana Gupta, Professional Engineer (M.E- Civil & Structural Engineering) with 20 years of Experience in Power, Infra & Oil and Gas sectors. (Companies –L&T-ECC Division, BGR Energy Systems Ltd., and etc.,)

Recently, We Structural Engineers of M.E 97 batch formed as a group SEA97 and doing social service activities.

  • Distribution of Dust bins for Segregating the garbage at Mettupalam, Perambur.
  • Donated few Infrastructure items to Government Corporation School, Mettupalam.
  • Distributed Games & Sports Kits to childrens to encourage droped out students with concept of First Play then study.
We, SEA97 - as a part of social responsibility, we have started few following projects.


1. Feel of Birthday

It is a new concept by SEA97 – Structural Engineers of Anna University97 M.Tech Batch.

In this, we can celebrate "fob- feel of Birthday" by makiing Clean, Green & Pleasant of garbage spots.

I, Madhusudhana gupta –SEA97 celebrated my son's Birthday by cleaning 3 locations at Periyaar pathai & one location at Mettu Palam @ Perambur.

We, SEA97 friends decided to celebrate all family members of our group should celebrate in similar way.

We also support for who approach us to celebrate their birth day in similar way.

We did one at Governement School for girls at Perambur and we welcome to others to celebrate to make Clean India soon.

We present a memento to them to feel really the birthday as contribution to Swachhbarat and upload the pictures before and after cleaning

Call us 9677054461 (or) mail us at contactsea97@gmail.com./amsgupta@yahoo.com

Other On Going Projects

2. Lessons Learnt - Chennai Recent Floods

As a Civil Engineering back ground, initation is taken to find suitable effective solution for chennai, incase incessant rains comes in coming years. The Presentaion is made and a face book web page is created to invite civil Engineers & like minded people to join hands to find effective solution.
Refer File - "Lessons Learnt – Solution for future"

3. Traffic Jams – Solutions

As we are facing most of time in Traffic due to existing facilities. IT was felt very severely on Monday 23rd nov'15 after huge shell of rain. It trigerred to jot down with best possiable ways to control the traffic with aviable facilities.
The presentation is made and refer the file - "Traffic Jams - Solutions"

Future Projects

4. Green Energy Tour with Joy

  • It's objectives are to make children spend a day without a TV and have a full enthu.
  • Improve awareness among Public to use methods towards Green.
The Tour consists of
  1. Visiting Houses, where Green Energy Methods are used like Zero Garbage, Roof Garden, Solar Power & Gober Gas. Etc.,
  2. Walk in a Park with all Medicated Trees and get information of very rare trees
  3. Playing and have a fitness.
  4. Stories to children to get motivated.
  5. Meditation and Distribution of Tree Sapling.
  6. Prepare Gift your self and enjoy the givingness.
    Indirectly, It will give generate employment opportunities.
  7. This tour is by a Bus with a capacity of 21. You can call us to have this Green Trip.
Call us 91760 25238/ 9884488738 (or) mail us at contactsea97@gmail.com.

For presenation, Please refer the file "Green Energy Tour with Joy".

Signature Campaign for New Election System

I have few basic points on present election system:

  1. With the present election system, Is it possible to get noticed worthy candidates? Who spends no money, but honest.
  2. If information of deserving candidate is not reaching to all voters, we are going to lose a good leader. Yes or not?
  3. People elect only the candidates from major parties. Then, How Change Possible in near future?????
Is it the right time to find the solution or we can wait further and see….

You can support for a new way of campaign in election by giving missed call /sms/whatsup message to 988 44 88 738 /9176025238or mail to contactsea97@gmail.com/amsgupta@yahoo.com

The Proposed Election System

No Money, No Banner & No Noise and & Campaign only by sending Candidate information by Post by Elec. Commission to Voter ID address.

In this, It will be equal opportunity for all. All worthy candidates including independents get noticed by the people when a ballot paper with details reached in advance by post.

It is the manthra of solutions for all problems on what we use/buy/wear/eat/drink/travel/earns/savings/security of (Women/girls)/jobs and any sort of deceiving people....total system


Chennai Floods – Lessons Learnt

  1. Flooding water disposal by separate storm water lines or existing drainage lines with Pump houses.
  2. Boards with Ground elevation w.r.t nearest water bodies at all important places
  3. It is temporary remedy to give time for safe guard people themselves and their belongings at near to the reservoir. Identify row of houses and make use as retaining wall and in between to be filled with sand bags.
  4. Additional temporary retaiing wall at just next to gates using the rapid hardening cement with in hours.
  5. The contour of the total city beyond from water bodies to be made in 3-D software. This information is helpful to know the maximum depth of water along area wsie. Which will help to estimate the effect, before releasingthe flood water.

Traffic Jam – Solu. - 1

Maintain Lane Span near Signal:

Expecting the Traffic in Lane

  1. Ean vehicle has to select one lane and to be followed till specified length. (say 50 to 100m).
  2. Due to clear vision more no.of vehicle can be cleared at a given time.3. On a Trail sis, it can be adopted for few junctions, and based on feeback can be extended in other areas of a

Traffic Jam – Solu. - 2

Portable Signals:

Portable Signals Required Juctions Typical

Provide portable signals at low traffic zones with large variation in traffic during weekends and rainy days

Traffic Jam – Solu. - 3

Side Entry to be fined

  • Vehicles enering other than lanes to be fined.
  • Monitoring it by contract staff during weekends and rainy days.
  • The salary to contract staff may be from collected fines.


Traffic Jam – Solu. – 4

Immediate action req -

Main focus is on immediate action on the pot holes. Under circumstances of natural calamities, Service oriented people like NGO services may be utilised by supporting with necessary material like Concrete and Asphalt (tar). On trial basis, can be adopted for one year in small area.

Traffic Jam – Solu. - 5

Exploring Option for Portable Birdge.-

Temporary Birdge by Steel/Pre orPost Tension/Cable supported Birdge to match with locality

Traffic Jam – Solu. - 6

Design of Each Signal with suggestion from local:

Heavy Traffic

Medium Traffic

Low Traffic


Each Juction is Unique- Design and Improve by Local People Suggestions

This is to get better solution by the way of suggestion from locals (users of the area) and combinging with data/standards/experts.

U-Turn Junctions

At U Turn junctions, to allow the vehicle turn check the road width, else make a small cutin the pavement locally to have a radius. This make us to avoid traffic jams.

Manhole depressions i.e., level difference between Man Hole top and Road is more than 10mm, causes people to avoid the particular area, may occupy the remaining space of the road and causes un necessary discomfort for all road users. Hence by providing slope in the road cross section may have smooth ride to vehicle users.

Interface between various departments to be well co-ordinated and provide pipe sleeves in all road junctions to take care of future requirements.

Green Energy Tour - GET

Green Energy Tour With Joy
New Concept and Initiation by SEA97 – Structural Engineers of Anna University 97 M.E. Batch supported by Nidharshanam Trust.
Tour in a bus - Visit Green Houses, Have Lunch and Play in a Park +++

Be Children one day without TV
Get Motivated
Contribute to Green India and lot more…..


Signature Campaign for new Election system









& Campaign only by sending Candidate information by Post by Elec. Commission to Voter ID address.

Sign your name to urge Election Commission to implement.

Equal opportunity for all. All worth candidates including independents get noticed by the people when a ballot paper with details reached in advance by post.

It has positive impact on- what we use/buy/wear/eat/drink/travel/earns/savings/security of (Women/girls)/jobs and any sort of deceiving people....total
system Feedback/suggestions can be sent  to email@mail.com.

  • In addtion to above, to give employment for youth, on no profit & no loss basis a hotel was started " The Taste of Veg – Earn & Spend for the Nation" at Hyd.
  • In a long run, similar stalls will be started in few more locations.

Pictures refer the file

  • I have submitted Suggestions on Ganga Cleaning and these are conisdered for necessary action by PMO office. For communication with PMO office, copy , refer the attachment.